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The Association
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         The city of Dire Dawa is a little over a hundred years old having been a central station to the railway from the capital (Addis Ababa) to the sea port in Djibouti. Dire Dawa is home to more than two hundred fifty thousand (250,000)  people of various race, culture and religion. In the early 50 years, Dire Dawa had its rapid economic growth. Many visitors that witnessed the city's conducive living atmosphere and the peaceful and harmonious lifestyles of its population had made decision to be permanent residents of the city. This category includes many foreigners from Europe and Asia (like Greeks, Pakistan's, Arabs, Italians, Hindus. . .

There are dozen songs in different dialects that mention the then salubrious and beautiful Dire Dawa and of its warmly hospitable people.
Only that starting few decades ago things started to get out of hand. The public services couldn't keep up with the on-growing population; unemployment rate got steadily high and then of course the inevitable poverty (the lowering of life standards). Now, the once cherished city that many songs mentioned and many visitors flocked to has lost most of its virtues.

For long, many citizens have been concerned and been anticipating to workout ways in which Dire Dawa regains all of its once treasured qualities and virtues.  The Dire Dawa Development Association (DDA) is therefore an association of such concerned citizens. The association stands solely to play major roles in the development activities of the Dire Dawa Administrative Region making both the urban and rural dwellers its beneficiaries.

The Association is free from political influences and racial, or religious biases. Equality and Democracy are The Association's mottos. The Head Office sits in Dire Dawa, Kezira (in front of the Greek Orthodox Church). As to now the association does not have branch offices here in Ethiopia or abroad; however there will be notice on this web site on opening of new branch offices as needed.

DDA's Achievements so far 

  • Organized its office with necessary office equipment and important office workers

  • Has established sound human & financial management systems

  • Developed its Laws and By-Laws ( in the Amharic language )

  • Had received officially work permit/license from concerned government office

  • Has laid down basic precondition to under take development activities
    E.g. Started communication with potential Donors to secure fund for field activities

  • Has developed its own membership registration form & has got registered over 100 members

  • had undertaken a fund raising program & had secure over 100,000 birr

  • Has established its own volunteer's development committee in almost all kebeles in the administrative council.

Organizational structure of DDA

Dire Dawa Development Association's Organizational Structure

DDA's Duties and Responsibility

  1. Participate in social and economical movement undertaken in the Administrative Region

  2. Mobilize & coordinate financial, material & human resources for development of the Administrative Region

  3. Work in cooperation with communities, governmental & non-governmental organization to solve socio-economic problems of the people of Dire Dawa Administrative Region

DDA Program Focus Areas

1. Health status improvement


    HIV/AIDS (prevention, care     and support for the victims)
    Family planning
    Youth Health
    Bad cultural practices
    Environmental sanitation     service

2. Education
    Formal education (for children & Adult)
    Non-formal education (children & Adult)
    Basic alternative primary education
    Literacy campaign
    Skill training

3. Soil and water conservation

4. Afforestatrion

5. Urban & Rural Agriculture Promotion






6. Water supply program

7. Small scale irrigation

8. Saving & credit service

9. Emergency/ Relief program

10. Infrastructure development
(construction & maintenance)
          Health Center
          Access road


To achieve its predefined objective and reach at its goal DDA will work jointly in cooperation with its target communities, sister Association, International and National NGOs, potential individuals and government offices.
DDA mobilizes and coordinate resources (human, material & financial resources) it secure from different sources toward development of the Administrative Counci.


With DDA’s development intervention program by 2015 over 70% of the people of Dire Dawa Administrative Region will have better living standard


The people of Dire Dawa Administrative Region will be enabled to be in a position to solve their socio-economic problems in sustenance


Needy low income people in Dire Dawa Administrative Region will be assisted technically, materially and financially by DDA in solving their food insecurity problems & poor livelihood conditions

DDA's short term plan

  1. Members identification & registration

  2. Organize fund raising program to raise fund for flood victims of last may, 2005 & augest, 2006

  3. Prepare sound development activities project proposal & submit them to potential donors for funding

  4. Arrange permanent fund source for the Association

  5. Design & implement primary education (formal & non-formal) program for children & Adult

  6. Provide support and care for HIV/ADIS victims

  7. Undertake awareness raising education on HIV/AIDS

  8. Design & implement appropriate strategy to mitigate flood effect sustainably

  9. Undertake sound family planning activities

  10. Design & implement environmental sanitation service

  11. Design & implement food security program

  12. Undertake saving and credit service program

  13. Develop 5 years strategic plan

  14. Design & implement SWC program

  15. Promote appropriate urban & rural agricultural practice
         E.g. - promote vegetable gardening (House hold)
                - Livestock & live stock feeding
                - Small scale irrigation

 16. Afforestation program


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