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Facts & Figures in Dire Dawa

         This page presents selections from the document "Dire Dawa Administrative Council Statistics Abstract". This document is primarily designed in the Amharic language to be used on a hard copy Therefore the top rows and the left columns in the table are labels in the Amharic language (which would turn to meaningless characters if you don't have most of the Amharic fonts installed in your computer.)
You can however use the right columns and the bottom rows which are in English.

The document here after is sections copied from the soft copy of the original document of the Statistical abstracts. The compressed (zipped) file of the complete document is however available for download on this page and on any of the facts & figures pages that follow.


      . . . This Statistical abstracts is intended to be used as a quick references for decision makers, Planners and researchers in the walk for the betterment of their prime Planning Processing. In this regard, a task force comprises from BOFED & Capacity Building Co-ordination Bureau of ICT desk, was assigned to look after the activities of the abstract from inception to maturity. To this effect, data capture sheet were designing parting to the socio- economic and administration activities of various spectral, cross- spectral organization and in some extent federal wise activities under the administration council .
By and large the information includes in the abstract is a time serious information continuation of a publication, which was collected and organized by Planning and Economic Development Office entitled by “Socio-Economic Database of the Region from the year 1994 to 2000 G.C.”  . . .

Section - 1  Physiography and Climate 
Section - 2  Population
Section - 3  Regional Human Power
Section - 4  Agriculture
Section - 5  Water, Mines and Energy
Section - 6  Trade, Industry & Tourism
Section - 7  Urban Developments
Section - 8  Transport And Communication
Section - 9  Finance And Capital Projects
Section-10  Health
Section-11  Education
Section-12  Justice And Security
Section-13  Sport
Section-14  Investment and Lease
Section-15  Social Welfares
Section-16  Non-Government  Organizations

            Note on the Calendar          
The 1994   Ethiopian fiscal year is the period between Hamle 1/1993 to Sene 30/1994, 1995 is between Hamle 1/1994  to Sene 30/1995.  This corresponds to the period between July, 8/2001 to July 7/2002, and July 8/2002 to July 7/2003 respectively. The 1996 Ethiopian fiscal year, unless and other wise indicated as a footnote, is also cover full Ethiopian fisical year - From Hamle 1/1995   to Sene 30/1996. Similarly it exhibit data from July 8/2003 to July 7/2004 in Gregorian Calendar.



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