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The WELL-Dealt Emergency Call !!!

           Dire had so many love names; "Haven of The Desert", "Little Paris", "Diera"… etc. But now she is smashed by the natural flood on August 5,2006. The name “Dire Dawa” comes from the Oromifa words that describe one historic event. 'Dire' means place and 'Dawa' means clash in the whole the "place of clash".
The city has the potential of 20 billion cubic meter of clean under ground water. And its multi ethnic population is the beauty of the city.  
Including the surrounding rural Kebeles Dire Dawa covers an area of 128,802 square kilometer. Dire Dawa has a population of around 280,000. From these 73.6% of the people live in the urban area. The settlement of the city is equally divided in to two by what is traditionally called the Dechatu River.

This river basin does not have any water flowing through it normally, but rather it is used as path for the flood that occurs when there is heavy rain fall in the highlands nearby. As Dire Dawa seats at a lowland area; she receives the entire flood that is coming from the surrounding high lands (especially in Kulubi and Haromaya). As a result of this, the city is affected by such flood so many times. The 1981G.C.  (1973 E.C.) disastrous event can be mentioned as a major instance of this. Yet, the damage done can not be compared with the disaster at hand. This is so mainly because, this time, the flood appeared when everyone was in deep sleep after mid- night.

It was in the weekends; on August 5 of 2006. This flood unexpectedly wrecked the city at 8AM. As it was Saturday after-mid-night no one could coup up with their sleep. The city Police made gun shoots and people were making noise to awaken the asleep but it had little effect.

The existing information show up to 220 people coupes were found, 300 people are reported missing and 10,000 people are displaced from their homes. Many people were physically injured and got help by Dil Chora Hospital.

     Major Infrastructures were damaged     

This unexpected flood distraction put the country to full of disorders by human loss, economic distraction, infrastructure damage, also by affecting the psychology of the people. Now in these days, Dire Dawa is calling for help; every one of you please lend your hand. The lives of many people depend on you.

There is sense of humanity in every soul. You sure don't want to see people run out of home, starved by having no food, shelter, water or medicine. However, these 10,000 people are exposed to lead such life unless everyone does what he / she can.

   Please Be a member of DDA  and begin helping today!   

What so ever it's no little; drops of water can fill a cup.
The flood victims need your help. We appreciate you for being a member; the people of Dire Dawa appreciates your help.

      Flood hazard in Dire Dawa on August 5, 2006

Flood survivors cleaning their house

Infrastructure Damage

·   Roads
·   Electric poles
·   Water pipe lines
·   Sewage and Drainage lines
·   Market Centers
·   Youth Center
·   Women Market center
·   Houses
·   Mosques
·   Business enterprise  

 Hazard on People's lifes
·   225 found dead
·   300 are reported missing

·   10,000 people are displaced (now live in tents in a consentration camp)

·   Unestimated amount of wealth is destroyed

o   Houses
o   Household fixture and furniture
o   Money




You can go to the photo collections of the flood   of August 5, 2006.

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