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Partnering with Dire Dawa Development Association


     Any one above the age of eighteen (18) can be partner by being member of  Dire Dawa Development Association.  Also companies, organizations… etc that has legal personality may register and be a member of DDA and support the association's Devine objectives.

Members have the following  obligations and privileges

  • To abide by The Laws and the By-Laws of the Association
  • To pay for his/her/its’ pledged monthly contribution


  • Appoint or be appointed as the administrating staff of DDA
  • Has a right to get information on action plans of the Association
  • May give suggestions and/or critics backed with reason on general operations of DDA
  • Vote to approve the Association's decisions as presented
  • The association gives anHONORABLE MEMBER label for members that do extraordinary support for the  Association.

    You can instantly be a member of this association by filling an online membership form.


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